The Moon

moon1Holy crap, this latest stop was something I never thought would happen when I started my travels… The Moon!!  First off was the whole question of “How do I even get there?”  I mean, don’t you need some sort of spacecraft and a rocket to get you there?  Also, “How do I breathe and eat while up there”?  These were but details that just needed to be resolved, and after months on the road, I was ready to tackle the challenges.

Unfortunately, I can’t go into too many details as to how I made this trek happen.  Let’s just say it involved finding an experimental travel program and signing away all my rights as a human being for the duration of the trip.  Who wouldn’t agree to that if given the chance?  I’ll just let the photos speak for themselves…

Here’s a cool shot I got while on a hike up a nearby mountain.  I almost climbed up that tiny hill you see below, but figured it would be a better picture if I climbed to the top of the big mountain and took a photo of the smaller one.

moon2A few guys from the moon hostel joined me for a trek across the moon one afternoon.  It was cool getting a few people to go since we could split the cost of the moon rover below.  We’re all backpackers on a budget, so it’s nice to balance out the cost of an awesome experience with affordable travel.moon3One thing I was curious about was if we could find the original lunar module left behind from the Apollo missions of the 1970’s.  I asked the front desk at the moon hostel, and I tried googling it as well, and came up empty handed.  We had a general idea, but nothing specific.

Luckily the group I was with that day were all hardcore adventurers, so we stuck it out through miles and miles of trekking.  We were finally rewarded with the shot below.moon4

I know… crazy right?  I thought about all those moon landing conspiracy theorists who say the whole thing was done in a Hollywood studio.  Nonsense, it was right there in front of me.  I kind of wanted to go inside of it, but one of the guys in our group convinced me that I might damage it, and that would be unfair to future moon adventures.  I agreed, and was satisfied with the photo.

My time on the moon was epic.  I’d have to rank it up there with my month in Spain and the nine days I spent in Budapest as the most memorable of the trip.  Definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity.

2 thoughts on “The Moon

  1. Tom — I’m so jealous you got to go to the moon. I’ve wanted to go there my whole life but always told myself I didn’t have the time and assumed it would be too expensive. Thanks for the inspiration. I’m going to stop going out to eat so much and put the money I save toward my rocket ticket.

    PS – Were the moon people nice?

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