Oh là là… It’s December!

I haven’t been able to get around to updates on my blog lately.  It’s a mix of not having internet access, being occupied with travel stuff and an accident I had.  After Hungary, I spent two weeks in Romania and saw some really cool scenery and castles. Unfortunately, I also landed in the emergency room one night in Bucharest when I slipped on some stairs and hit my head on a low hanging ceiling.  I had to get four sutures, and I have a nice scar above my left eye, but I’m okay.  I’m about half way through my write-up on those experiences in Romania, and hope to get them posted soon.  IMG_2586

I just spent the last week in Paris and had a really great time.  The hostel had horrible internet access, so updates there were just about impossible.  But really, when you’re in Paris, you shouldn’t waste time online.  I’m now in Toulouse, France for a few days.  I’ve met a lot of French backpackers on my travels, and they all told me I had to see more than just Paris.  Toulouse was mentioned several times as being a good representative of the “real” France, so here I am.  It’s raining here, but I plan to get out and explore.  France has been the first country on my travels where I’ve tried to learn a bit of the language.  I can exchange simple pleasantries and goodbyes.  I can order food to some extent, and I know my numbers from 1-20 🙂

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