Amtrak Travel from Vancouver to Seattle to…. Minneapolis?

Yep, Twin Cities. I just spent 40 hours traveling from Vancouver to Minneapolis. First time I’ve been East of the Colorado Rockies since early July. I already miss the West Coast with its mountains, ocean scenery, and mild climate.  However, I do need to make my way to NYC where I launch out of the country next month.

My route may seem a little bizarre up this point, but I’m reminded of something I learned in science class years ago… as the story goes, when the Apollo missions sent men to the moon, they sent the craft around Earth a few times to build up speed for flight to the moon.  I kind of feel like I’ve been doing some looping of my own to prepare me… first were the trips to Chicago, Pittsburgh and DC prepping me for travel out West.  And now, traveling around the US and back East is prepping to shoot me across the Atlantic ocean.  May sound cheesy, but I like the metaphor, and I feel like I have my travel legs at this point.

Traveling across the USA by train has been one hell of an experience, and I completely recommended it if you have time. The only rough part was not being able to stay in touch. I have Sprint, and they apparently have no towers in Northern Idaho, Montana, and much of North Dakota.  I spent a bunch of time in the scenic car taking in the landscape. The mountains in Washington and Western Montana are some awesome viewing, but after that, it’s lot of wheat fields. Still, good trip. Once in a lifetime, and well worth it.

3 thoughts on “Amtrak Travel from Vancouver to Seattle to…. Minneapolis?

    • Hey Dan, you know, I seriously thought I might hit either Madison or Milwaukee on the way back, and was going to message you. I ended up running out of time on my way to the Chicago crash and had to come right here from Minn.

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