Riding the Rails to Salt Lake City


So I made a pretty big call for the next month and a half.  I bought a 45 day Amtrak rail pass which will allow me to get up to 18 trips over the next month and half over the US for one flat price.  I can pretty much book a train just days in advance and not pay anything more.  The pass was $830, and should be a huge bargain.  I had actually planned on riding Amtrak a lot as part of this trip, and only recently learned of the rail pass.  They’re sold in 15 and 30 day increments, but 45 days lines up well with my plans to be in the US till early September.  The train ride was 14 hours long, but had incredible views.

I came into Salt Lake City late Monday night.  SLC will probably have the same challenges as Denver in terms of getting to the mountains without a car, but I might actually take time to relax more while I’m here.

I do miss Denver already though.  I had two great hosts and really enjoyed my Boulder trips.



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