Final Post Before the Road

Really sorry for the delayed update. Becoming homeless and unemployed is a lot of work. The last couple weeks have been crazy getting my life wrapped up so I can be a vagabond for a year. I had my last day at work two weeks ago, and tomorrow I turn the keys over to the buyer of my house.  It’s crazy after all this planning, researching and talking about my trip, it’s finally here.  I leave Monday morning at 10:30AM on a bus to Chicago.  Life will become very different.

So how do I spend my days?  Mainly getting my house cleaned out and stuff either sold off or donated.  I also spend a lot of time researching travel options, checking out bus and train fares, sending out couch requests, and going out to lunch.  I’ve been going out every night seeing friends and family one last time before heading out.  It’s been a really great two weeks.  I now have a first destination:  Chicago, IL.  After that will be Pittsburgh, followed by Washington DC.  After that, I’m thinking of going out West, but I haven’t planned anything.  I’m basically ok for the next 16 days.  After that, I don’t where I’ll be exactly, but that’s the vagabond aspect of this whole thing in action.

One of the main goals I had for the blog was to thoroughly document all of my prep so you can see at least how one person could pull this off.  That said, here’s a final update on all the things I mentioned in an earlier post:

1.  Work – No more full-time job, but my boss asked me if I was interested in consulting for a couple hours a week from the road.  I said yes, and I’m looking forward to this since it’s my long-term goal to have the kind of life where I can just work from anywhere.

2.  House – Sold.  I have one more day of possession.  I was actually supposed to be out last week, but my buyer was interested in some furniture, so I exchanged that for 10 more days of staying here.  It’s been nice having the time here to work out my plans.  (thanks again Luke)

3.  Family – We hired a sitter for my mom who is going to be at the nursing home on the same day and time as I have been.  She’s really sweet and the sister of a good friend, so I feel good about how I’m leaving things with the family.  Mom will have someone there at a regular time on a regular day to help with getting things.  Major relief.. you have no idea how happy I am about this.

4.  Storage – None.  I have some really awesome friends who helped me out by storing a couple boxes each for me.  Most of this was family stuff we cleared out of my parent’s house when dad died, so it wasn’t really mine.  I did have about 4 boxes of stuff, a snowboard, and a bike that I spread out amongst 4 friends.  I ended up getting rid of a lot of stuff I was going to store.  I sold my couch, chairs, end tables, console tables, guitar, and just about anything I thought I could get a dollar or two out of.  I don’t even own any small appliances, dishes or cookware at this point.  Feels pretty damn good.

5.  Insurance – This worked out.  For my car, since my sister is going to keep that, my name went on her policy which dropped both of our rates quite a bit (multi-car discount).  I’m also just listed as an occasional driver on the policy.  I’ll pay her the part of the policy that’s mine.  For health insurance, I bought a major medical only policy with a $5,500/year deductible for $63/month.  Pretty sweet… and if someone major does happen, I’m covered.

6.  Gear – I plan to make gear updates a regular part of the blog.  I’m only traveling with one bag, so I have about 2-3 changes of clothes.  The gear will have to change based on location and season.  Since I’ll be around the US for the next two and half months, I bought some good travel/hiking shorts.  They fit well, are lightweight, dry quickly and have deep pockets.  I also bought a rain jacket that’s more breathable than the one I had.  The biggest addition to my gear of late is a thermarest pad.  This is an air mattress that is shoulder width, and 6 feet long and an inch and half high.  It’s not the most comfortable thing, but would be better than sleeping on the floor, and will do in a pinch.  It weighs a little more than a pound, but takes up more volume than I’d like.

So that’s it for my life in Columbus for now.  Can’t wait to get on the road and start sharing my experiences.  Let the adventure begin…

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