Last Days of a “Normal” Life

161 Bridge over the Scioto River in Columbus, OH

At this point, I guess I’m not living what most people would call a normal life.  June 8, 2012 marked a pivotal date for me in this regard:  I closed on my house and had my last day at work.  I didn’t plan on both of these events happening on the same day, but that’s how it worked out.  My last days on the grid were filled with a lot of anxiety and drama over last minute house issues.  But it’s all over now.  On the drive back to the office after my closing, I had this incredible sense of euphoria, and realized I no longer had any debt.  I was 18 years old the last time that was true.  I really have no one to blame but myself.  I’m the one who wanted to go to college.  I’m the one who wanted to take student loans to pay for that.  I’m the one who racked up credit card debt, and bought a new car.  No more, though.  No more loans for me.  There’s such a premium paid in terms of interest in fees when you want something that you can’t buy outright.

So what’s it like now?  I love the sense of freedom I’m experiencing at the moment.  The possibilites are endless, and I’m still trying to shift my mental focus.  I still have some issues to wrap up with cleaning stuff out of my house.  I had another yard sale the Saturday after my last day at work, and got rid of just about all the remaining items I don’t care about.  I took the advice of Dan (commented on a prior post) and held on to my bed.  I’m getting a friend to store that.  As for other stuff, my sister is storing a couple boxes, and one friend is storing my bike, while another is taking my snowboard.  Other than that, it’s all gone.

In an earlier post, I set June 18 as a departure date, but that’s not realistic with the delays I had in closing the house.  I’m now planning to leave the week of June 24th.  I still don’t know exactly where, but I did buy a Megabus ticket from Pittsburgh to Washington, DC for July 4th.  I shifted my plans around a bit because I really want to attend the DC Couch Crash that week.  It could be an amazing way to kick this whole thing off, and will definitely lead to meeting other people doing the exact same thing I am.  So I’ll definitely hook up with some friends and surfers in Pittsburgh in early July, but might also hit up another destination prior to that.  In fact, I’ve already started the adventuring in Columbus this weekend by going kayaking with a friend.  The picture above is of the 161 bridge over the Scioto River.  I’ve also started riding the bus more to get around town to get used to the feel.  I can’t believe all the years of driving downtown for some event, fighting traffic, looking for a place to park that doesn’t cost $10.  I should have been riding the bus.  There’s a stop right outside my front door that gets downtown in 20 min.  Might seem trivial, but it’s symbolic of a much bigger thing.  I’m awake, my eyes are open to other possibilities.

2 thoughts on “Last Days of a “Normal” Life

  1. I’d be more likely to ride a bus to a downtown Cbus event (and not deal w/ traffic/parking) if the bus would still be running when I’m done. Last time I looked at the schedule online, it seemed the busses I would need are done at midnight (if not earlier, I forget exactly). If I go to a Blue Jackets game, I might want to go out afterwards. If I decide to go out afterwards, I need to get home. If the bar closes at 2am, and the bus stops running at midnight, I’m out of luck. That lack of flexibility is a deal breaker for my spoiled ass, unfortunately. 🙂

    Great pic of the Scioto, btw!

    • Very true. The bus isn’t that great an option once it gets late. However, depending on where you live, you can take the night owl (#21) bus from downtown all the way up to Whetstone Park. I believe the last one leaves around 2:30AM. However, if you don’t live near campus or Clintonville, you’re out of luck.

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