No Storage

Last week I got a 10×10 storage garage.  It turned out to be quite a bit more to rent due to taxes and insurance (which aren’t in the list price).  It was going to cost around $1,200 to store everything for a year.  While this is far less than what it would cost to replace everything, it still bugged me to spend that much.  On Friday evening, I was having drinks with friends and got to talking about my storage plans.  They made me realize how stupid it was to get a big garage like that.  I came to this realization that I can’t truly cut loose and go unless I really have untethered myself.  Having the garage is a bit of a crutch, not to mention an extra expense an unemployed traveler doesn’t need.  Who know what could happen when I get out there or where I’ll land.  Getting rid of everything is the right thing to do.  My sister just moved into a new place, so she’s taking some stuff.  I might get it back at some point, but if not, it’s not really a loss.  I’ll see if I can get another friend to keep my bike, but if not, I’ll probably just sell it too.

At the end of the day, it’s just stuff.  It can all be replaced, so why be tied to it.  One more problem down.

2 thoughts on “No Storage

  1. Hi Tom,

    We met last weekend in Columbus. Good luck on your trip. I’m sure the final details will work themselves out somehow.

    For storage: My humble opinion is that you should do what you’re doing now. That is, kindly ask some close friends and family members to hold your few sentimental items for you without paying a monthy fee. But if possible, I’d get someone to take your bed and maybe a small piece of furniture or two. Lots of people have space in their basements or garage lofts that goes unused and might be happy to help. A year flies by fast, and when you come home, it’ll be really nice to have a bed waiting for you and not have to shell out big bucks for a new one. Trust me, I’ve been there.

    I’ll be sure to check your blog while you’re on your trip.

    Take care,

    Dan Perry

    • Thanks Dan, that’s good advice. I actually was able to get my sister to take a couple nice chairs. My cousin offered to buy the bed for her daughter, but I could just ask that it’s more of a borrowing situation.

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