Getting Closer… Yet Still Feel Far Away

There’s so much going through my head right now. It’s extremely hard to concentrate and focus on any one thing. The stress at times is intense.  Here’s what going on:

The House – I wanted to keep quiet about this until things are final, but I’ve been in contract on my house for two weeks.  The negotiating went back and forth for a week, and I had to accept a price well below asking.  So low in fact that I need to bring around  $5,000 to the closing.  The price was actually very reasonable, just hard to mentally accept.  The inspection has been done, and I’m dealing with some repairs the buyer is requesting.  We’re currently waiting on the home appraisal which the lender has ordered.  I guess orders for appraisals go into a waiting bucket for the next appraiser to get to.  The delay sucks because it will likely push my closing back a week or so.  As long as it doesn’t get pushed back by more than 2 weeks, this might actually help since I wouldn’t have to find a place to stay between closing and leaving.

Storing my Stuff – I reserved a 10×10 inside storage unit at a nearby facility.  It’s on the first floor as well, so it’s easy to get stuff too, and protected from excessive humidity and cold weather.  There’s some nice furniture that I’d like to keep in good condition while away, so this should work.  The unit is only $64/month with the first month free, so that will be around 700 for the year.  I’ve been pricing inside units and this seems like a pretty great deal, so I’m happy with the cost.

Work – My last day is less than three weeks away from this posting and there’s so much more I need to deal with.  I’m determined to get all the stuff my team is currently working on into production before I leave.  I also need to document everything completely, and finish up some reporting issues.  I won’t lie, I’m finding it harder to stay engaged at work at this point.  I guess it’s only natural, but I need to fight through the urge to just cruise and make sure I leave things in a good state.  The house stuff is also distracting me, so that could be another reason I don’t feel fully engaged at work at the moment.

Sitter for mom – I mentioned in an earlier post about my mom.  I found someone who is the sister of a good friend who has a business an basically and elderly sitter.  The sitter would basically take my place and go visit mom every weekend for two hours.  She would help with opening mail, feeding, and catering a bit to my mom’s OCD tendencies.  The cost is reasonable, and if I can get a little help, not really that bad at all.  I think it could be good for mom as well.

Insurance – There are two insurance situations I need to deal with.  First is my car where I need to get my sister added to my policy.  Second is some kind of health insurance policy.  I’m looking to get some kind of ultra-high deductible, major medical only policy.

Gear – I need to finalize what I’m taking.  This will change based on season and location anyway, so I like tailoring to my exact departure.

Bus Ticket – I need to get my transportation to DC figured out.  I feel like buying a bus ticket before I have a firm closing date on the house is rather arrogant.  Plans could fall through, and I end up wasting money on a ticket I don’t use.

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