One Guy, One Bag

I’ve read several blogs and watched youtube videos of people who did around the world trips. It’s always good to get advice from people who have been successful at what you want to do, so I figured I’d stick with what works. Number one tip from everyone: You need a lot less than what you think.  I love the idea of living out of a single small bag for a year.  It forces you to boil your existence down to the bare essentials.  Here’s my bag…

This is an Osprey Porter 46 I bought from REI.  It has really great ratings, and has been reviewed in a few youtube videos.  The thing I like about this bag is that it can be carried as either a backpack or a normal bag once the straps are stowed away.

The bag opens in a way that makes it easy to access anything, unlike a backpack where you have to dig.  The shoulder and waist straps tuck into the backside of the bag, and become unnoticeable.  It also meets the regulations of TSA for carryon luggage.  I took it on a trip to NYC and was amazed at how it easily fit into an overhead bin of a small regional flyer.  Being able to always stay with your bag would provide a sense of security I think, so glad that logistical issue seems to be under control.

Now for the contents.  I still have a few small items to add, but I believe I have 99% of what I’m taking planned out.  Have a look below… that’s it for however long I plan to travel.  Nothing else…

Bags in a bag?  Yeah, I know.  One of things I picked up on from my research was this idea of keeping your stuff segregated in different smaller bags.  That way, you can instantly get to the thing you need.  Kind of like storing files in subdirectories.  These bags were pretty cheap, like $5-7 a piece.  The two red bags are my main clothing bags… one bag for pants, the other for shirts.  The other stuff includes a toiletry bag, bed sheet, towels, documents and games.  Of course, I’ll probably change things up as I’m actually traveling, but this stuff seems to be common among long-term travelers.  We’ll see.

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