You’re doing what?

Hi, my name is Tom and this is my blog about an adventure I’m planning to take in 2012. What is that adventure you ask?  Well, I intend to backpack around the world for a year. No, I’m not rich.  This isn’t a vacation or quick trip… it’s a journey.  I’ll fly over the oceans, but other than that, I don’t plan on taking any flights.  I also plan to stay in hostels, cheap hotels and hopefully couchsurf.

Yes, I know, another travel blog.  Just what the world needs.  I often wonder if I should even start a blog for this.  If I do, who is it for?  Am I a narcissistic douchebag who needs attention to derive purpose and meaning in life?  Wow, I hope not.  The conclusion I’ve reached for this blog comes down to 2 reasons:

1.  Document my journey in words and pics for later reminiscing

2.  Help keep family and friends aware of where I am, and what I’m up to (and that I’m still alive)

My goals for the blog are as follows:

1. Be a little different from the normal travel blog and document my preparation and thoughts in the months leading up to my trip.  A lot of people dream of doing this, but there’s a certain amount of research I think you need to do for it to be practical.

2. Not bore the hell out of you with a detailed account of everyday minutia (that’s for my personal journal).  I want to write entertaining entries that hopefully teach you something.

So with that said, now that I’ve started this thing, if I don’t follow through with the trip, you have my permission to make fun of my lame ass till the end of my days.

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